Rapidly advancing technology accelerates our pace of life and brings together forces once thought as disparate. At these points of confluence, we apply the power of design to confront increasingly complex questions, and help design solutions for a better tomorrow.




Our People

Our team come from some of the most prominent design and research institutions and draw from diverse experiences to create transformative outcomes for our clients and their customers. We work across disciplines including, but not limited to Design, Art, Software Development, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Psychology and Learning.

Our interdisciplinary method of understanding future users uniquely positions us to address the world’s toughest challenges.



We help our clients create opportunities for innovation and disruption. Our first step is always to understand our clients and help clarify their challenges. This allows us to then work collaboratively with them to navigate the rapidly changing environments. 




Fast Company “Best Idea” Award for pioneering “Inclusive Design” work for Microsoft

IxD award for pioneering “Inclusive Design” and “Inclusive Design Toolkit” for Microsoft, and for starting the worldwide focus on Inclusive Design.

1st prize -  City of Minneapolis large scale public digital multi-interactive experience installation

1st prize -  Harvard University energy sustainability and waste awareness installation for Harvard Yard 

1st Prize - New York City - Summer Streets, Public Art Commission multi-interactive, Artificial Intelligence Integrated, public Installation

SEGD (Society of Experiential Graphic Design) Award - Einstein Exhibit interaction design - “Gravity” at The Museum of Natural History.

Mayor’s Urban Design Award -City of Calgary

National Urban Design Awards- Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Guggenheim Museum of Natural History - Digital Experience for Frank Lloyd Wright for the Guggenheim 50th anniversary led by Allen Sayegh

1st Prize - Venice Biennale, Armenian Pavilion, 17th Annual La Biennale Venezia

1st Prize - Field Constructs Design Competition and Public Art Commission

Design Recognition for Interaction Design - ID Magazine - Design Recognition for Interaction Design



We use design tools to understand people, cities, cultures, businesses and systems. Through empathetic research and iterative testing, we reframe issues to build comprehensive solutions, transforming the most complex problems into simple and executable strategies.

Product Design:

Strategic Planning
Product Development
Technological Adaptation

HCI and Design Services:

Design Strategy
Interface Design
Experience Design
Inclusive Design
Human-Centered Design

Placemaking and Spatial Design Services:

Placemaking Design
Masterplan and Space-making
Spatial Experience
Public Space Transformation
Responsive Environments
Installation Design

Service Design:

Organizational Transformation

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