Enlivening an urban walkway through large-scale interactive installation

the challenge

Integrate urban design strategy and public art to revitalize urban infrastructure and public space.


the outcome

One of the world's largest permanent interactive installation using a custom detection technology software that encourages interaction among pedestrians.

Urban Interactive Installation

Interaction Design, Public Space Revitalization, Urban Installation



Familiar Strangers  Urban Infrastructural Responsive Installation

Interactive digital media transforms overlooked underpass into a "space for conversation."


Like many underpasses or underused public spaces, the existing condition deters usage, and lack of usage sometimes makes these spaces harder to salvage. The Calgary underpass was one that needed TLC.

When surveying the communities, users of the space commented that the underpass was unusable. It was an "old, deteriorated" place that "needed attention." In its current state, pedestrians felt "stuck once you enter," and felt it was unsafe to walk there at night.

How do we integrate urban design strategy and public art to revitalize urban infrastructure and transform it into a welcoming and safe public space for pedestrians and local residents?

Familiar Strangers Diagram Before - After

Can technology embedded spaces help cities be more intuned with their residents?

Technology Embedded Cities

A custom detection technology software was developed by INVIVIA that analyzes and creates an abstract representation of pedestrian movements, encouraging interaction among the ‘familiar strangers’ that the daily commuters pass by everyday.


Citizen Interactions 

This media-integrated underpass is designed to encourage a new experience of urban social interaction. It allows passerbyers  to see with clarity the manner and rhythm of their own walk, moving in the opposite direction as if their reflection were a passerby - an another urban stranger.


Familiar Strangers: Largest urban interactive installation

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